Garret Handel

I grew up as one of those kids always taking things apart to see how they worked- always wanting to know more about the world around me and how things work. Because of this passion for knowledge and understanding, I greatly aspire to be a renaissance man. Throughout my primary school years, I tried my hand at most of the sports my schools offered, was an active member of band, choir, and school plays, as well as maintained a spot in the top ten students in my class of 100. Although I didn't have much experience with programming and software development before attending college, I knew that it was what I wanted to study. I was accepted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and initially studied computer engineering. After my first year, taking classes for both computer engineering and computer sciences, I found that I was much more passionate about the latter. I finished out my studies and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Sciences in 2014. Since graduating, I have worked as a quality assurance and testing engineer at a very small software company- Scooter Software, which has been making the diff tool Beyond Compare since 1996. In addition to my primary responsibilities, I have also assisted in the development of the company website. More recently, I decided to dabble in game development and entered into an indie dev contest to make a game in 1 month. For more information you can view my LinkedIn open_in_new or check out my Stack Overflow Careers open_in_new page.